[DT025] Minimal Compilation Vol 1

DESCRIPTION: 10 Tracks of pure Minimal and Techno sounds, Great compilation with the best producers of the label Downtech Music...
Very groove selection of tunes for the underground club.
GENRES: Minimal, Tech House, Techno
CATALOG: DT025 (2015)

HSQ Records
The tack/thumb sound are a good touch. It brings the vibe into the music.
Jay E.Y.E
wow this is great the production and mixing is solid. i like the vibe of this and all those cool sounds really make it pop. super job on this one
Nice swim suit or any type of model walk fashion show venue great job
Diggin the groove on this track! Solid beat on this! Diggin the percussion. I do feel like you could switch it up a little bit here and there, but I'm diggin it.
Digital Vapor Music
The perc does a great job adding a cool groove to the beat. Kick is sitting well in the mix and makes the song have a strong foundation. The instrumentation fits well together too.
Jamaican Haze
Nice track i love the mix this sounds really good..keep it up...itsso much tht i love bout this beat