[DT026] AdbeatS - Shifts

DESCRIPTION: Second Ep in Downtech Music of the Swedish producer AdbeatS...
Two great tracks of fine and melodic Deep House
GENRES: Deep House, House, Tropical House
CATALOG: DT026 (2016)

Ferry Corsten
Favorite Track "Shifts" Thanks for sending, we've downloaded it
The beat really creates deep and wide sonic scape. Vocal is processed very well and sits nicely in the mix. Nice work on this remix
Beat is banging bro. This is what creativity sounds like. this mix was mastered greatly.
Short build into a chilled housey dance styled energy and drive! Happy warm atmosphere from the synths used! Kick i felt could punch through a little more and bounce the mix more with that bass! Beats flow nicely and when the guitar lead came in sounded real kool more of that please! Good vibe!
Spencer Bonds
Mixed perfect i like the voice synth effects you used also bro
Great track! Loving the feel of it very vice city sounds. But with the house drums sounds really cool. Mastering is great also keep it up.