[DT028] Simply N Feat. Circle Dubs - Moon

DESCRIPTION: Moon is the First Ep in Downtech Music of the Russian producer Simply N feat. Circle Dubs...
Two great tracks of fine instrumental Deep House
GENRES: Deep House, Electronica, House, Minimal, Tropical House,
CATALOG: DT028 (2016)

Ferry Corsten
Favorite Track: Moon (feat. Circle Dubs) Thanks for sending, we've downloaded it
Alex Jenkins
This song is so chill and yet so awesome! really enjoyed listening to it from start to finish!
Valentino Guerriero (VG)
There is no words to describe the semplicity and the beauty of the track! Really good! hope you will master it a little better because the track deserves the best!
Alex Stroeer
Nice sloemn deep house, relaxing, yet energetic. I like the percussive synth lead, and the ethereal pads.
Digital Vapor Music
The perc adds a cool feel to the track. Bass line is setting up a solid foundation to build the rest of the song off of. The synth work is spot on as well.