The Clone Dj - Deep Is My House

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GENRES: Deep House, Breaks, Electro House
CATALOG: DT024 (2015)
First Ep in Downtech Music of the Italian producer The Clone Dj... Three selected tracks of Deep House, Breaks and electro

Digital Vapor Music
Beat has a really good feel to it and the synth work does a great job setting the mood of the song.
This IS deep. Those chords go really will with everything else going on. Solid percussion choices bro keep making this!
From the first note you can feel the energy of this track. Great production and flow
Snare Troll
this house is deep! im diggin the bass and the claps have a nice reverb on em. the sound selection is great and its mastered very well
Chilled warm deep dark atmosphere to this housey styled progression! I felt kick could hit through more and the beats a little brighter! Transitions sound smooth and the vibe generated is good!
Really good deep house, the clap is really good and the bass is brutal
Within the first ten seconds I was feeling the song, the groove is on point, the mix is not bad either,
FLY aka Harvi
muy guapo!
mm this house is deep. i like the calmness and suttle drops with the bell like synth feels like i been walking through mt moon
Lord Have Mercy
You definitely got my attention with this one all of the elements are precisely done in a very masterful arrangement mixdown is superb keep it up
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